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MRP: Rs. 17,900
Our Price: Rs. 15,699
BV: 142

High quality plastic used - virgin grade, Explosion proof zipper- cannot open by using pen/sharp object Comes with combination lock, High quality aluminium trolley Double wheels - for smooth ride and pulling. Comes in set of 3 pcs - 20, 24 & 28 inches - catering to all your travel needs.

Manufacturing Process
  • First PP is used for injection moulding which makes the outer shells of the suitcase.
  • We use aluminium trolley - which is light weight and have durable life.
  • High quality double wheels are used.
  • Inside Fabric - 210D Lining
  • Top & side handle are also made in same colour using PP.
  • Anti-theft zip (double zip) is used to protect the contents of the luggage.
  • Durability : Hard shell carry-on is made of softer material that actually flexes to absorb impact while remaining practically indestructible. It’s the perfect place for popular carry-on items like laptops, iPads, cameras and other fragile electronics.
  • Upkeep : Another advantage to taking Safe Travel luggage as your carry-on is that it’s a cinch to keep clean.
  • Portability : Most hard shell cases have four wheels instead of two, and this makes manoeuvring them considerably easier. Since they utilise 360° wheels, it’s nearly impossible to flip, drag or lose the balance on a heavy bag. This is a huge perk for those who need to move quickly from airport to airport to catch tight connections.
  • Security : In today’s world, theft and smuggling are a very real threat to anyone who takes a bag to an airport regardless of whether it’s check-in or carry-on.
    You are legally responsible for the contents of your carry-on luggage so eliminate the worry of having someone get to it while you’re blissfully watching an in-flight movie or dozing between meals by opting for a secure piece of hard shell luggage
  • Versatility : Safe Travel luggage features a 50/50 split opening, allowing you to pack two sides equally and stabilise the contents with an interior strap or a middle divider.
    Furthermore, you get maximum packing space in a hard shell case as space is not given over to folds of fabric and lining.

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