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It’s all about simplicity with accessories and accoutrements when shopping for a dapper dresser, so opt for a sophisticated belt, wallet and Shoes in black or tan leather for a bespoke addition to your wardrobe. Safeshop presents an evergreen leather designs which are crafted in shoes.

  • Breathability: Did you know leather breathes? Not like actual breathing but rather it lets air pass through the material. This is great for leather shoes because the material lets air in to cool your feet and stop them from smelling.
  • Durability: Genuine leather shoes can outlive other shoes made from synthetic materials. High quality leather stays strong against demanding work environments meaning the shoes will last much longer
  • Better Fit: If you wear Stivali leather shoes, the leather material will mould to the shape of your foot. When trying on plastic or other synthetic shoes you can find they often feel hard against your feet and they won't change to accommodate the shape of your feet.
  • Comfort: As well as being a naturally strong material, leather is also very comfortable. Leather shoes offer comfort and support for your feet.
  • Eco-Friendly: Clothes made from synthetic fibres and fabrics have been considered as damaging to the environment during the manufacturing process as they release harmful gases. As leather is a natural material, no harmful chemicals were used to create it - making it eco-friendly!
  • Smells Good: Nothing beats the smell of genuine leather. After buying a bag or jacket made of synthetic leather, you can find it has an odd smell. Man-made materials are usually made with different chemicals that make them have a strange stink. The smell of synthetic shoes can be made worse if your feet have a habit of smelling after a long shift.

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