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Description Stivali Leather Belt

A leather belt is a fashionable accessory and sometimes necessary addition to a pair of pants. Making a leather belt may seem like a difficult process that involves an industrial process, but it doesn't have to be if you have the right tools. The leather and tools you need to make a leather belt can be found fairly easily and will usually cost less than purchasing a belt.

Why Stivali Leather Belt?
  • Durability: when made well, leather will outlast plastic, vinyl, synthetic faux leather, and fabric many times over. It never wrinkles, though may crease if folded repeatedly the same way. It also can survive elements much better than other materials, which is extremely important when choosing a leather product.
  • Strength: Leather lasts. Whether its boots, bags, belts or jackets, leather will take the daily beating and come out in style. Of course, this does not mean that genuine leather will not wear out or become damaged; care still needs to be taken to keep our leather products in good shape, section to ensure your product lasts in good shape.
  • Protection: Leather acts naturally as a shield, this property of leather will give durability and make it last almost forever. If you take good care of your leather product it will last for generations. Please refer to our [taking care of my product page] for good practices to ensure your leather product will last in forever looking as good as new.
  • Comfort: You just can't beat the comfort a leather product will give you. They mold to fit perfectly depending on the use you give them. Leather properties permit this without losing shape so no matter the years in use they keep serving you as the product you bargain for.
  • Overall satisfaction: there just isn't anything that smells like authentic leather, nothing that looks as good or feels as great, as owning genuine leather product. There is also the notability that no two pairs of leather article will ever be the same, because here in MXLeather we hand make every product piece by piece, adding all the ornaments or finishes your product needs according to your specifications
Manufacturing Process
  • Mark the placement holes for the end of the belt.
  • Punch out the holes.
  • Skive off some of the thickness where the holes are.
  • Put the buckle in place
  • Make more holes three inches beyond the skin measurement
  • Shape the tail end of the belt
  • Cut out the belt loop
  • Make the belt loop
  • Bevel the edges of the belt

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