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Description Zibaldi Fabric

Zibaldi clothing, as the brand has incredibly fused conventional ideas with modern fashion and hence bridges the gap between simplicity and intricacy, altogether serving the purposes of meetings and parties. The package comes with three Zibaldi Premium suits that are unstitched and each cloth measures up to 3.1 meters long. A person will hence be able to dress up appropriately for the party and maintain a distinct personality all the way.

Why Zibaldi Fabric?
  • Stylish and sophisticated, A fine clothing fabric.
  • A versatile fabric makes it a perfect choice for Business Clothing, Suits, Formal Wear, Party Wear, Casual and Evening wear.
  • This fabric has a Soft Touch finish to it, making it feel like a very highend fabric.
  • This fabric is slightly absorbant, and is great for perspiration, making it feel even better on skin.
  • This Fabric is for all Indian Seasons - Summer Wear, Spring Wear, Winter Wear or Autumn Wear.
  • A great style and perfect fit are instrumental for dressing. Look cool and smart, feel comfort and make the right impression with this Suits fabric.
Manufacturing Process
  • Testing of raw & other incoming material. It includes incoming inspection & testing of fibre, yarn, dyes and chemicals, fabrics, packing materials, spares.
  • PV Spinning - Mfg. Of yarn (Ct range 8 to 50 Nec) with the help of Production planning.
  • Worsted Spinning- Manufacturing of Worsted yarn by spinning wool, wool blends with polyester and other blends in the count range of 24 Nm to 80 Nm with the help of stage wise process control for critical parameters as described in the procedure. Manufacture fancy yarns.
  • Weaving & Knitting (Jet weaving dept. & Sulzer Dornier dept.)Fancy Weaving, manufacturing of different varieties of fabrics from yarns.
  • Grey folding- Inspection & measuring of grey fabric.
  • Mending- Mending of fabric defects.
  • Processing Men’s wear- Dyeing and finishing of worsted and synthetic fabrics.
  • Processing - Dyeing and Finishing of furnishing fabrics.
  • Folding- Inspection & Cutting of finished fabrics and rolling, folding, labeling, screening and wrapping as required.
  • Packing- Assorting, Packing & dispatch of fabrics as per instructions from marketing.

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