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Description Larayana Lavanya Suits

The evergreen designs and blends of the finest fabric in the market. What impresses people in these ladies suits is the fusion of ethnicity with modern touches of fashion, ultimately bridging simplicity with fancy designs and creating an outfit that will evidently develop the distinctive personality of the individual.

Salwar suits, also called Punjabi suits are a three-piece woman’s outfit. It comprises a tunic or Kameez, a pair of trousers or Salwar, and a scarf or dupatta. A popular outfit in Indian ethnic wear, the Punjabi Salwar suit originated from the elaborate outfits of the Mughals.

Salwar trousers are comfortable and loose-fitting, whereas the traditional kameez is a knee-length and loose-fitting tunic. Punjabi men wear salwar trousers with a shorter tunic called kurta.

In the present day, salwar suits are available in a wide range of designs. They are more tightfitting and modern in design when compared to the traditional kameez.

Manufacturing Process
  • Stitching all the fabric pieces into one
  • The very first step is to combine all the pieces of raw fabric into a single piece. For that fabric pieces are roughly stitched by the workers.
  • Washing the fabric in a JET dyeing machine
  • Before printing takes place on the suit fabric, it is deeply washed in the huge JET dyeing machine. This process is very important because it eliminates the marks and invisible dirts from the fabric and deeply cleans it.
  • Drying the Fabric
  • After a deep wash, the Salwar/Kameez fabric has been dried in the huge dryer machine in the factory. The Dryer machine dries up the fabric very quickly and then the bundle of suit fabric is passed for next phase.
  • Folding the fabric
  • Now the suit fabric is folded properly using the fabric folding machine to eliminate the wrinkles on the fabric. Now the long suit fabric becomes ready for cutting process.
  • Suit designs are created side by side
  • What does make suit so beautiful? Obviously, it’s designs and it’s colors. Therefore, various new designs are created for the suit by the designers along with the color selection. Then some designs are selected to be printed on the pieces of suit fabric.
  • Testing the design before implementation
  • The selected suit designs are now tested before the actual printing of suit gets take place. If the designs are properly get printed on the test fabric, then the design testing is successful.
  • Drying and folding the embroidered fabric
  • Finally, after the last wash, the embroidered suit fabric are dried up. Now the long suit fabric is being folded properly using the folding machine.
  • Now the printed fabric bundles are ready to send for last touch up
  • Bundles of embroidered suit fabric are created. These bundles are ready to be sent for last touch up. Now the last touch up work starts one by one like cutting the fabric in appropriate suit size, suit border stitching, adding border lace if required, and so on.
Why Larayana Lavanya Suits?
  • Modern Georgette is mostly made with the use of synthetic filaments.
  • This fabric has become quite popular with women because it has a graceful, soft, delicate and bouncy appearance.
  • Georgette is a light-weight and easy to dye fabric with an elegant look.
  • The tendency of the fabric to drape very well makes it an suitable choice for many women who love the soft silky yet comfortable look.
  • This designer suits is renowned for its perfection of embroidery, comfort of fabric, attractive designs and distinctive features that no other apparel form has showcased yet.

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